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At Petromet Flange Inc, several inspections and testings are carried out to ensure the quality of the end product. The different types of tests and inspections that we carry out would include the following.

We do not carry out this test proactively unless our clients request it. It helps test that a given pipe fitting can withstand the pressure required by the application piping code. Some of the clients mandate the use of hydro-tested pipe shells for fitting manufacturing.

The design of the pipe fitting must be qualified, and to ensure this, we conduct different tests, including the burst test, which ensures that the given design meets all the standard and code requirements. If a product passes this test, then all the future products made using this given would be considered safe to use.

Testing and Inspection
Testing and Inspection
Testing and Inspection

Depending on the fitting type, we perform the non-destructive test on the finished products to ensure their overall sturdiness and state. We use different components in the non-destructive testing, like:

  1. Ultrasonic
  2. Radiography (Only for Weld)
  3. Magnetic particle test
  4. Liquid penetrant test
  5. And Positive Material Identification

We conduct this test to check the strength and weld of our products. The destructive testing includes a series of tests like the proof test, tensile test, impact test, and hardness test.

We perform metallurgical tests on the fitting body and weld to confirm its standard requirements. The testing consists of two parts, microanalysis which is the chemical analysis of raw materials, product, weld, and the macro analysis of weld.

We also carry out special tests on the end-products to determine their resistance power in a corrosive environment. The tests would include

  1. IGC- Intergranular Corrosion Test(SS)
  2. Ferrite (SS)
  3. HIC- Hydrogen-induced Cracking
  4. SSC- Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking

Apart from all the tests, visual inspections are also carried out to ensure no surface imperfections. The fittings body and weld are checked for any visible issues like cracks, dents, etc., and the final product is accepted following the applicable standards.

We manufacture genuine products that have the following markings on them:

  1. Our logo
  2. The ASTM material code
  3. The material grade
  4. Size
  5. Thickness schedule number
  6. Heat Number
  7. Compliance for standard fittings