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We understand our responsibilities towards the environment and always take them seriously. We believe that accountability is one of the pillars for long-term relationships and life-long cooperation with our clients and stakeholders.

Sustainability is one of the main focuses of our business, and we do resource conservation management. We do this with the help of an external entity, which can audit our environmental management system per the international environmental management standards ISO 14001. In addition, we have OHSAS 18001 certification for our occupational health and safety standards.

We work efficiently to meet the needs of our clients, focusing on sustainability and resource conservation management.

  • Reducing waste and recycling resources as much as possible.
  • Using the best-in-class air filters in the production process.
  • A center recycling center for all the coolants and lubricants used in business.
  • Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases from all of our vehicles.
  • Energy-saving tactics by lowering the consumption of power at factories and other units.
  • Ergonomic workspace for all employees.