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Check the approx weight of Steel Elbow and Pipe Bend

Advantages to use the steel pipe fittings calculator
The primary use of the steel pipe fittings calculator is to find out the accurate dimensions of the pipe. By knowing the correct pipe size, it becomes easy to minimize the flow turbulence. This, in turn, helps to reduce the system pressure drops which leads to an overall increase in the working efficiency of the pipe. It also promotes cost minimization. Lowering the flow velocity bears as it can lead to lesser noise and would also cause less friction in the pipe. The steel pipe fittings calculator can also help to determine the diameter of the pipe which would help in overall accurate functioning of the  system.

What you need to check the weight of Buttweld elbow and Pipe Bend
In order to check the weight of Buttweld elbow and Pipe Bend , it is essential to know the pipe’s wall thickness, bend radius and outside diameter, and all the elements should have their exact values in mm. The formula to check these pipe fittings are:

W= 0.387 * S*(D – S) * R / 1000
  1. W means Weight. The unit is Kg/piece.
  2. S refers to the wall thickness schedule.
  3. D is nominal diameter.
  4. R is Bend Radius. Depending on the type of the elbow, take LR=1.5D, SR=1D.

The formula can also be used with steel pipe bends.

How accurate this Weigh Calculator
The weight calculator can precisely calculate the weight of each size. This can be confirmed by verifying the calculated value with the weight chart. Using this, one can get different types of dimensions which are quite accurate. However, it is to be noted that calculating the weight by this process is more costly and there is a higher chance of making a mistake as the procedure is quite complicated. Also, for getting the correct value, it is very important to get accurate values of each element given in the formula, in mm. This would take up more time and labor too.

The formula to calculate the weight of bend pipe fittings is:
W= 0.0433 (D-T) TRθ / 100000 + L
D is the outer diameter (in mm)
T is the thickness (in mm)
R is the bend radius
Θ is the bend angle
L is the weight of the double sides straight line

The formula for calculating weight of the 90 degree Elbow is,
W=0.0387 * S*(D – S) * R / 1000,

S denotes the Thickness in mm.
D is the Outside Diameter in mm.
R is the Radius of the elbow (depending on the type of the elbow, LR=1.5D, SR=1D).

There are three methods to calculate the weight of an Elbow:

  • The weight of the 45 or 90 degree elbow can be found by looking at the chart.
  • The weight can also be calculated with the help of standard formula, which is W=0.0387 * S*(D – S) * R / 1000
  • Each elbow can also be taken and then weighed one by one.

With information like the outside diameter and the schedule for wall thickness, the weight in the chart can be found out very easily. But ensure to look for the right chart, for Long Radius and Short Radius elbows.

Bend Weight & Length

The Bend Weight & Length calculator allows you to determine the approximate weight of your bend based on specific product dimensions.


Nominal Pipe Size (A)
Outside Diameter (Inches) (B)
Wall Thickness (Inches) (C)
Center Line Radius (Inches)(D)
Bend Angle (DEGREES) (E)
Lead Tangent Length (Inches) (F)
Lag Tangent Length (Inches) (G)


Volume of Steel (Cubic Inches)
Weight of Bend (lbs)
Bend Material Length (inches)

Standard Material Chart

The Standard Material Chart provides the list of the most readily available material offerings stocked by Petromet Flange.

NPS (A) OD Wall Thickness Wt/Ft
2.5 NPS 2.875 0.276 7.66
3 NPS 3.5 0.300 10.25
4 NPS 4.5 0.230 11.35
4 NPS 4.5 0.337 14.98
5 NPS 5.563 0.258 14.62
5 NPS 5.563 0.375 20.78
6 NPS 6.625 0.280 18.97
6 NPS 6.625 0.432 28.57
8 NPS 8.625 0.322 28.55
8 NPS 8.625 0.500 43.39
10 NPS 10.75 0.365 40.48
10 NPS 10.75 0.500 54.74
12 NPS 12.75 0.375 49.56
12 NPS 12.75 0.500 65.42
14 NPS 14 0.375 54.57
14 NPS 14 0.500 72.09
16 NPS 16 0.375 62.58
16 NPS 16 0.500 82.77
18 NPS 18 0.500 95.64
20 NPS 20 0.500 106.57

A useful calculator for 45/ 90 degree Long and Short Radius buttweld elbow


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  1. Flat face flanges- it has a flat and even surface combined with a full gasket, which contacts most of the flange surfaces.
  2. Raised face flanges- consist of a small raised part around the bore with a bore circle gasket present on the inner side.
  3. Ring joint face flanges- This has a metal groove on which the metal gaskets are placed for proper sealing.

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