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We are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of pipe fittings and accessories in India. We have production site in Mumbai where 80 employees are helping us to produce the high-grade products with 100 tons of pressing force.




750 * 1900 * 800

CNC Vertical Lathe


CNC Drill Master


CNC Lathe 15"


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CNC Turning












Band Saw


Circular Saw


Marking Machine


Portable Marking Machine


Seam welding can be described as continuous weld passing between two rotating rollers to form a welding joint, both prior to and after lapping. This method puts into use the disc electrodes to move relatively to the workpiece. Here, the parts that are needed to be welded are assembled as overlap or oblique joints. Then, they are put between the two roller electrodes where the welded parts are pressed and rotated. The action is either performed continuously or intermittently to deliver electricity and form a continuous weld known as the seam welding. The seam welding method produces a sealed weld that has overlapping nuggets. There are multiple applications of this welding- in heaters, aircrafts, automobile fuel tanks, etc.

Buttweld fittings are designed to be welded on site. These help in connecting two or more pipes together, allowing change in the direction of flow. It is available in various shapes including elbow and tee. You can also find them in different material grades and dimensions. Buttweld elbows that are less than 24 inches in diameter are cut, heated, and then the seamless steel pipes are bent. One can find buttweld elbows bent at different angles like 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees. There are different types of buttweld tee available like equal tee, reducing tee, and barred tee, and each of them serves specific purposes.

The principle methods used in hot forming are extrusion, drawing, forging and rolling, where rolling is the most extensive method employed. There are different types of rolling like flat rolling, shape rolling, and pipe rolling. Forging can also be subcategorized into hammering, pressing, etc.

Hot Forming Mandrel Method is one of the most common ways for manufacturing elbows. Once the raw material is heated, it is then pushed to a shaft called a mandrel, which in turn expands and bends the pipe simultaneously. The steel pipe joint elbows have a huge application in various industrial plants. These elbows are commonly manufactured at an elevated temperature using different methods like pushing, bending, and expanding, all at the same time. It is done with the help of a tool called mandrel, and the characteristics of the elbow also depends on the dimensions of the mandrel. Hot mandrel bending manufactured elbows have small thickness deviation and shorter bending radius compared to elbows manufactured using any other bending method.

Here, the raw material is used of the same diameter as the finished product. The pipe is then pushed through a die to give it the desired shape. These usually comes in small to medium size and are made up of high-grade stainless steel.