Tanged insert gasket Manufacturers

Tanged insert gasket Manufacturers

Tanged graphite gasket Manufacturer India, Visit our factory for Soft layer with tanged insert gasket in Mumbai

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Tanged insert gasketTanged insert gasket

Tanged graphite gasketTanged graphite gasket

Tanged metal graphite gasketTanged metal graphite gasket


Tanged insert gasket Specification

Gasket Type: Tanged insert gasket
Sizes: from 1/2″ up to 60″
Availability: Stock / Production
Manufacturing Standards: ASTM, EN, DIN, BS, GOST

Tanged insert gasket Material

Tanged insert gasket specifications:
Temp. Range – Oxidizing Atmosphere (air): -400°F to +950°F 
Temp. Range – Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to +1500°F
Temp. Range – Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to +5400°F
Thermal Conductivity: Parallel to Sheet Surface:  960 BTU-in/ft2.h.f (140W /m.K)
Thermal Conductivity: Through Thickness: 36 BTU-in/ft2.h.f (5W /m.K)   
High Pressure: 
2000 PSI  
Widths: 24″, 40″, 60″ 
Gauge: 1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″

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Tanged insert gasket Features:

  • Recommended in applications that require frequent dismantling of the flanges and pipe.
  • Not recommended in extreme or high-pressure temperature applications.
  • Used with a matching stub-end insert.
  • Can rotate to allow for an easy alignment of bolt holes.
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