Mica Gasket Manufacturer

Mica Gasket Manufacturer

Mica Gasket Material Manufacuturer in India, Supplier of Mica Gasket Sheet at factory Price in Mumbai

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Mica GasketMica Gasket
Mica Filler GasketMica Filler Gasket
Mica Spiral Wound GasketMica Spiral Wound Gasket


MICA Gasket Specification

Mica content92%
Bond Content8%
Continuous Temp.700~750C
Intermittent Temp.1,000C
Heat loss at 500C<1%
Heat loss at 700C<2%
Flexural Strength>300Mpa
Dielectric Strength>/-11KW/mm
Insulation Resistant 23C10×17Ω.cm
Insulation Resistant 500C10×12Ω.cm
Flame Resistant90V0
Smoking Test<4S

MICA Gasket Properties

Mica Thermal Properties – Withstands heat up to temperatures of 1850oF (1000oC). – Resists fire without burning. – Low heat conductivity.

Mica Electrical Properties – Insulating strength better than 25 kV/mm. – Good resistance against arcing and arc erosion. – Permeability to microwaves.

Mica Chemical Properties – Very good compression resistance. – Good tensile and bending strength. – Large elasticity modulus.

Mica Spiral Wound Gasket Supplier, Distributor of High Temperature Mica Gasket in Mumbai

Product Range

  • Non-metallic gaskets
  • Dimensions following DIN EN 1514-1/4 and DIN EN 12560-1/4 or ASME B 16.21
  • Possible as layer for Kammprofile serrated gaskets and corru-gated metal gaskets and as filler for spiral wound gaskets
  • Non-standard dimensions/sizes
  • Mica corrugated metal gasket with or without inner eyelet
  • Mica non-metallic gasket with sheet reinforcement insert, with or without inner eyelet and/or outer eyelet
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