Grooved Metal Gasket Manufacturers

Grooved Metal Gasket Manufacturers

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Grooved Metal GasketGrooved Metal Gasket

Grooved Flat Metal GasketGrooved Flat Metal Gasket

Kempchen Grooved Metal GasketKempchen Grooved Metal Gasket


Grooved Metal Gasket Specification

Advantages of Grooved Metal Gasket:

  • Depending on the metal core, the gaskets can be refurbished (the only type of gaskets that can be used again after having been refurbished)
  • Very good sealing properties for a wide variety of seating stress levels
  • Helps the compensating of high temperatures and pressure fluctuations
  • Excellent when used for narrow flanges
  • Easy to manoeuver

Main standards for grooved gaskets:

  • ASME B16.20
  • EN 1514-6
  • EN 12560-6

Recommended thickness of the ring: 3 mm or 4 mm.

Recommended thickness of the sealing material: 2 x 0.5 mm or 2 x 1 mm.

Standard materials:

  • Metallic ring: SS 304; SS 316L; SS 321; SS 304L; Carbon steel
  • Sealing material: flexible graphite; PTFE; Mica; Ceramics

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Grooved Metal Gasket Dimensions

Grooved Metal Gasket Features

  • Seals less-than-perfect flanges to form a tighter connection
  • Performance replacement for jacketed heat exchanger gaskets
  • Fire safe—passed API 6FB fire tests
  • Available in HEAT SHIELD® configuration for high temp applications above 850°F (454°C)
  • Solid metal core resists cold flow, over compression, and blowout
  • Rigid core provides exceptional stability, even in large sizes, and facilitates handling and installation
  • Available in wide variety of metals
  • Seals under low stress—ideal for lighter weight flange designs
  • Withstands extreme fluctuations in temperatures and pressures
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