Elastomer Gasket Manufacturers

Elastomer Gasket Manufacturers

Elastomer Emi Gasket Manufacturer India, Visit our factory for Elastomer Fiber Gasket in Mumbai

Stockist of Elastomer Head Gasket in India, Elastomeric Gasket Joint Suppliers South Africa

Elastomer GasketElastomer Gasket

Elastomeric Rubber GasketElastomeric Rubber Gasket

Elastomer Head GasketElastomer Head Gasket


Petromet is ISO certified Elastomer Gasket manufacturers in India. We are stocking distributor of Elastomeric Rubber Gasket, Elastomer Head Gasket & Elastomer Fiber Gasket at very low price due to reasonable man hours in India and entire source of high quality Elastomer Emi Gasket at best price available in Mumbai, India.

We have ready stock of Elastomeric Gasket Joint. Petromet is stockist of complete range of Elastomer Gasket Material in various sizes. We have our stocking distributors in Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Pune (Maharashtra) & Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Check once our Elastomeric Neoprene Gasket price before buying Elastomer Gasket Seals from India or China. also mail for our live stock of Elastomer Rubber Gasket to check types & sizes with our ready stock we can give you best price of Full Face Elastomeric Gasket.

Call us to buy Elastomeric Rubber Gasket at best price in India, ask for latest price list of Elastomer Fiber Gasket including Elastomeric Gasket Joint and Elastomeric Neoprene Gasket. Petromet is reliable manufacuter of Elastomer Rubber Gasket approved by Saudi Aramco.

Petromet is reliable supplier Full Face Elastomeric Gasket to Kuwait,Canada, UK, Egypt, Sweden, France, Oman, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Bahrain, Qatar, Germany, USA, UAE, Italy, Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Israel, Singapore, Sri Lanka & Saudi Arabia.

Elastomer Gasket Specification

Gasket Type: Elastomer Gasket
Sizes: from 1/2″ up to 60”
Availability: Stock / Production
Manufacturing Standards: ASTM, EN, DIN, BS, GOST

Distributor of Elastomer Gasket Material in UAE, Stockholder of Elastomeric Rubber Gasket

Elastomer Gasket Properties

  • Max Temperature Range from ~ -59°C to 149°C (-75° – 300°F).
  • Excellent heat, ozone and weather resistance.
  • Good resistance to polar substances and steam.
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties.
  • Good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids, and alkalines.
  • Poor resistance to oils, gasoline, and kerosene.
  • Poor resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents, and concentrated acids.
Buy Elastomer Gasket Seals at best price in India, Suppliers of Elastomer Rubber Gasket in Qatar
We have manufacturing unit of Elastomeric Neoprene Gasket in Mumbai, Full Face Elastomeric Gasket Suppliers, check price list of Elastomer Gasket Material