Corrugated Metal Gasket Manufacturer

Corrugated Metal Gasket Manufacturer

Corrugated Metal Gasket Material Manufacturer India, Visit our factory for Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket in Mumbai

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Corrugated Metal GasketCorrugated Metal Gasket
Corrugated Metal Jacketed GasketCorrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket
Flexitallic Corrugated Metal GasketFlexitallic Corrugated Metal Gasket


Petromet is manufacturer of Corrugated Metal Gasket. If you are looking to buy Corrugated Metal Gasket Material at best price in India, check our price of Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket including Flexitallic Corrugated Metal Gasket and Corrugated Metal Graphite Gasket.

Petromet is only Manufacturer of Corrugated Metal Graphite Covered Gasket approved by Saudi Aramco. Petromet is supplying Corrugated Metal Roofing Gasket to UK, USA, Sweden, Israel, France, Italy, Canada, UAE, Australia, Germany, Russia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka & Saudi Arabia.

We are producing Corrugated Metal Gasket, Corrugated Metal Gasket Material & Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket at low cost due to reasonable man hours in India and good source of high quality Flexitallic Corrugated Metal Gasket at best price available in Mumbai, India.

We can supply Corrugated Metal Graphite Gasket at best price as we are one of the largest supplier & trader of Corrugated Metal Graphite Covered Gasket in India. We have our stocking distributors in Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Pune (Maharashtra) & Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Check once our Corrugated Metal Roofing Gasket price before buying Corrugated Metal Gasket from India or China. also mail for our live stock of Corrugated Metal Jacketed Gasket to check types & sizes with our ready stock we can give you best price of Corrugated Metal Graphite Gasket.


Corrugated Metal Gasket General Properties

  • Good blow-out resistance
  • Economical
  • Suitable for high temperatures

Corrugated Metal Gasket Physical Properties

  • Metal core nominal thickness: 0.5mm (standard), 0.6mm and 0.7mm, before corrugating.
  • In the delivery condition, the total thickness of a gasket with graphite layers amounts to app. 2.3mm, resulting from the 1.3mm corrugated ring and one layer 0.5 graphite each side
  • Nominal pitch of corrugations: max. 3mm
  • Graphite facing thicknesses: 0.5mm standard and 0.8mm on request
  • Also available with a U-Shaped Eyelet fitted to the bore and the outside periphery of the gasket. The eyelet fitted to the bore prevents contamination of the process media and protects the graphite from the process media.
  • Graphite standard purity, 98% graphite, density 1.0 g. cm³
  • Surface identification: size, material and manufacturer

Corrugated Metal Gasket Types

  • No facing layer – 104
  • Fully covered Graphite – 104G
  • Fully covered PTFE – 104P

Corrugated Metal Gasket Pressure Rating

Corrugated Metal Gasket Dimensions

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